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Two Man Blues Band - Seattle Washington - USA
    Bill Nehl has been an active musician in the Seattle/Tacoma area since 1992.
    Under the name RUSTY CHAINSAW he has played guitar, written songs, recorded several cassettes & CDs, in addition to peforming live in a roots (blues, rockabilly, jazz) oriented style to coffehouse, festival, and club audiences. He has done on air performance on Radio KAOS in Olympia and performed at the 1995 Seattle FOLKLIFE Festival with guitarist/bassist Bob Debruyn.

    Bill is currently playing in the local club band LEGACY.And he has reunited with Bob DeBruyn to form the TWO MAN BLUES BAND. They have just finished their new CD 'GET BLUE'. Check it out on the CD page.

    Bob deBruyn began playing guitar at the age of 10 when his older brother, Andy, taught him the basics. Bob's father was in the military and was stationed in Italy. Bob and Andy played in many rock n roll bands Overseas. At the age of 15 Bob switched his instrument to Electric Bass and studied with the Navy Band while in Naples, Italy. Bob did some recording for several Italian Television commercials while playing with a rock band in Rome, Italy.
    At the age of 21, Bob returned to the USA to study music at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California, San Jose City College and Cal State Hayward where he was a string bass major. While in college, Bob played with many jazz ensembles in the bay area as a bass player.
    In 1985 Bob moved to Tacoma, Washington to be close to his Sister, Angela, who was stationed at McChord Air Force Base. In Washington State, Bob played electric bass with the Tacoma Community College jazz band and also the jazz band at North Seattle Community College. He played upright bass with the PLU orchestra and the Rainier Symphony orchestra. In 1995 Bob played the International Folk Life Festival in Seattle With Blues Man, Rusty Chainsaw.
    Bob has recently returned to playing guitar and has teamed up With his blues buddy, Bill Nehl. Bob and Bill have been playing off and on since 1994. They have recorded a number of cassettes and cd's together.
    The 'Two Man Blues Band' continues to play in the Puget Sound area at coffee houses and open mics.